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I have been creative for most of my adult life.  An avid crafter,

it wasn’t until just a couple of years ago that painting came into, and changed, my life.


They say ‘Life imitates Art’ ... Each stage of my area of focus, artistically,  has reflected the state of my life in some way. 

When I started with acrylics, I was painting on large canvas with my hands.  It empowered my Soul! Then I moved to watercolor that was whimsical. I needed to lighten up and enjoy my life.  Now I am deep into alcohol ink and that has been a visual reminder to ‘go with the flow’.  I am a Graphic Designer by trade and the ‘flow’ that I practice in my Art naturally carries over into my work as well!


Personally, I live on a beautiful river on the coast of Maine with my son and our rescues Kali, Luna, Emma and Lila.



Acrylic Gallery


Watercolour Gallery


Alcohol Ink Gallery